Be seen, be
heard, be you

At Vocal Excellence we inspire individuals to transform, develop and succeed in any kind of public speaking environment, whether it be large or small venues. We achieve this through individual sessions, small groups or workshops. We can offer an in-depth assessment of your voice and any surrounding issues. Our coaching covers all aspects of voice projection skills such as audibility, clarity, control, dynamics, mood, pace and tone.

All courses and session in public speaking and elocution are tailor-made specifically to each client or group’s needs and will broadly cover:

  • - Improving communication skills
  • - Mastering voice control and projection
  • - Speaking with fluency
  • - Speech and presentation preparation
  • - Engaging an audience
  • - Raise Performance Levels
  • - Personal Presence Development
  • - Reducing Stress and Anxiety Levels
  • - Building Confidence and Self Esteem

Your voice is a valuable asset and fundamental resource in communicating the right message so creating a lasting impression. Getting in touch with how you sound defines who you really are.

A Vocal Excellence coaching course can conquer your public speaking fears and therapeutically clear the pathway to achieve a stronger voice which sounds successful, confident and will be remembered in all situations.