Stand and

/ / Giles Terry
Golf Captain of The Mere, Cheshire 2011

“There is nothing quite like the feeling of conquering a fear.

Anne has enabled me to overcome my fear of public speaking – it is like having a huge weight lifted off one’s shoulders.

Anne acts as a mentor and a coach with a very holistic approach to her work. I find it very hard to define exactly how she has helped me – but the result is that I can now stand on my own two feet in front of a group of people & speak!

Anne Moore is not your average voice coach – definitely somebody special!”

/ / Jeni Beattie
Accolade Media Training

“Anne is an inspirational voice coach. She helped clients of mine who were experiencing major problems with vocal presentation and delivery.

It’s not about “talking posh” - it’s about tone and making yourself easily understood. These qualities are vital during any media interview.”

/ / Frederick Willard Jones
Toastmaster Xtra

“As a professional Toastmaster, I need to stand with confidence in front of an audience, project my voice and deliver!

Thank you Anne for the invaluable voice coaching sessions you gave me.”

/ / Arriva Cymru Ltd

“I came into this course with trepidation and left with enthusiasm. A very good, constructive course.”

/ / Sefton Education Business Partnership

“I felt wonderful and very positive throughout the presentation.”