I project,
therefore I am

Anne Moore

Anne is a successful voice consultant, executive coach and facilitator for Vocal Excellence programmes. She has a wealth of knowledge in vocal development training and has worked with ISS, Portland International, The Finishing Academy and Irwin Mitchell.

She trained as a singer at the Royal Northern College of Music and it was through her own experiences, whilst studying and then performing herself, that she created her own voice projection specialist techniques and the concept of Vocal Excellence.

Anne is an experienced performer, presenter and voice coach. Her voice coaching expertise is diverse, as she works with individuals from all disciplines and backgrounds, from Senior Executives right through to Junior Staff. She can empower and enable all individuals to project a clear, confident and dynamic vocal delivery.

Anne’s coaching style is approachable, holistic and creative, as she works within a safe space to enable her clients, to achieve their own natural voice potential.

She passionately believes that voice coaching develops and creates a direct connection, to sounding alive and being in touch with one’s unique personality.